Movement for All Abilities

Scholarship-funded dance and yoga classes for children with special needs

Movement for All Abilities’ aim is to breakdown the barriers that prevent participation by structuring a class that is accessible to children with special needs. Our class encourages body awareness, muscle coordination and musicality. We accomplish this through repeated exercises, use of tactile aids, and a focus on measurable progress towards each person’s “best” rather than an ideal. Each student is encouraged to participate as much or as little as they want and care is taken to ensure students are not over-stimulated with loud noises. Each class has a main instructor plus additional teaching staff to ensure each participant receives any personalized attention they may require.

Most importantly, our goal with each class is to pass on the joy of movement to each and every participant - to dance, jump, twirl, and move without limits.

We aim to offer our Movement for All Abilities classes at no charge to the participants. Every parent who has a special needs child has many other expenses to consider as they seek to serve their child’s needs. We would like to serve these families by providing these classes and help with their desire to participate in “normal” activities which are usually out of their reach.

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